Sony Ericsson MW 600 Bluetooth Headset – Review

I have been using the Sony Ericsson MW 600 Bluetooth Headset for over a year now. It is such a wonderful product that I decided to write a review for it. As you will soon see, the list of positives is very long which makes the MW600 a must buy for any one who loves wire-free mobility. I use this headset for two purposes predominantly – conference calls and listening to music (MP3). For both I use my Samsung Galaxy S2 with bluetooth pairing to MW600. Occasionally I watch movies on my desktop computer or listen to FM using this headset.


  • Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Headset
  • The MW600 supports 3.5 mm audio/stereo jack.
  • Uses the standard micro-USB for charging.
  • The MW600 is also an FM receiver
  • This Sony Ericsson headset can connect to 2 more devices (besides your phone)  and switching between these devices is a breeze
  • A clear OLED multi-function display and multi-purpose keys make the MW600 a powerhouse.
  • Displays track information while playing music and incoming caller ID (depends on the phone).
  • Price: approx USD 50 (on In India the price ranges from 2500 to 3500 (google it).
  • The MW600 is very light weight and is similar to a AA battery in size.

What I really like about the MW600

  • I really like the battery life of the MW600. On an average, I use it for 1-2 hours a day. With that usage the battery easily lasts over a week.
  • You can use any 3.5 mm headphone with this headset. The ones in the package are pretty good but occasionally I use Bose and JVC headphone. And I must say the fidelity of the sound is to be heard to be believed.
  • Micro-USB charging means no need to worry about proprietary chargers. Many Android phones come with Micro-USB chargers so can be reused for this headset easily.
  • Audio tracks can be controlled using the multi-purpose keys. The MW600 allows me to pause, play, rewind, forward and skip songs with ease. This is especially helpful while working out in the Gym.
  • This Sony Ericsson headset powers up and pairs (with the last used device) in a jiffy.
  • The MW600 can pair with multiple devices and the multi-purpose (rewind, pause etc) keys help in switching between different devices.
  • The microphone of MW600 is another feather in its cap. I have used this headset on shirts and on round neck tee-shirts. In all situations, the microphone ensures that ambient noise is filtered and others hear my voice clearly
  • I have read concerns about sweat/dampness interfering with the circuitry (while used in the Gym) but I can assure you that in the 1 year of usage, I have not felt a single glitch. The headset is pretty robust and can withstand the humid conditions of the Gym.
What I do not like about the MW600
  •  The volume control is not the easiest to use. This is more of a touch sensitive than a rocker but at the size of this device it is difficult to determine which side cranks up the volume and which side bring it down. Another side-effect of the touch based volume control is accidental increase or decrease while handling the phone.
  • The clip of the MW600 is directional – that means it can be attached to clothes in a particular direction only. With some types of clothing (turtle-necks or high-collarless tee-shirts) this can cause some discomfort.


4 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson MW 600 Bluetooth Headset – Review

  1. Does these have multipoint facility, like say i have paired them to my notebook, ipad & my phone simultaneously and while i’m watching a movie or listening to music on one device, during which if i get a phone call on other device (phone) will it automatically pause the audio & notify about the call or not ?
    Or will i have to manually switch over to that device to attend the call and switch back to get back to my movie & music ?

    Your review was great, i just want to confirm whether this feature is there or not before i make the purchase. Thanks!

        • Hi. I tried the following and it worked.

          Connected my phone to the Sony MW600 receiver. Was listening to MP3 on my GalaxyS2. Then switched the bluetooth receiver to FM. I noticed that the phone showed active connection. Then I dialled my cell phone. The Sony MW600 bluetooth receiver started beeping. Once I received the incoming call, bluetooth headset switched from FM to Phone automatically was able hear the caller.

          Will try some more combinations soon !!!

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