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Veggie sandwich with fries and a slice of rich chocolate cake, just what the doctor ordered to brighten up a lethargic Sunday in Sunnyvale. The place Coco’s Bakery and Restaurant located at the corner of Oakmead Parkway and Lawrence Expressway. 

Weekends can be boring sometimes, all the more when you are far away from home and on a business visit. After a hectic week at work, I spent a good part of the Sunday snoozing in my hotel room. But a man’s got to eat to keep himself alive. So I lazily picked out Coco’s which happened to be the closest eatery near my hotel. It was a gorgeous Californian Sunday and the foodie in me got excited about the typical American lunch. A quick research on the Internet and I was very clear on what I was going to order. 

Coco’s is known for its desserts and pies. This winter season they had desserts true to the name – chocolate. The restaurant setting is very much American. Spacious, well-lit and a relaxed service – perfect ingredients for a Sunday lunch. Salt, pepper and other condiments were nicely stacked on one side of the table and representing the American marketing prowess, were plenty of flyers arranged neatly alongside. Vegetarian patrons will find very, very limited choice for entrees at the Coco’s and the most obvious among them was the Veggie Sandwich. I ordered mine with fries and coffee. The complete menu, which runs into many pages with lovely pictures of the food, shows the wide range of food being served at the Coco’s – from burgers and steaks to sea food and pasta. 

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Usually restaurants that have a very wide variety on their menus tend to be jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Coco’s is no different except for their desserts. The sandwich was a standard fare with onions, tomato, cucumber and avocado. The taste was very fresh but the vegetables could have been dealt a more finer cut. The customary accompaniment of fries had nothing to write about. The bread was soft and warm when the sandwich was served but as it cooled down, it became harder than expected. The feta cheese was surprisingly fresh and added a unique flavor. The real deal though was the chocolate cake and clearly showed why Coco’s is known for its desserts. The cake was neither cold or nor too warm and the chocolate icing had the perfect texture. The cake slice is quite substantial and I was happy to take the leftovers back with me in order to satisfy another round of craving.

The pricing was just right in my opinion and the entire bill came up to around USD 15 (incl. taxes). It would be unfair to give a recommendation having tried only 1% of their menu. And having gone through their menu, I can say that Coco’s is worth a dekko for the non-vegetarian food and definitely a good place for desserts. Their breakfast options look quite inviting as well. 

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